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Re: Server Attributes

Author:Kurt J. Egger
Posted:12/30/1998; 6:54:40 PM
Topic:Server Attributes
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I played a bit with the flRenderingCache flag. It works down to table level (global true, gdb root false, table true and so on). Great.

But how do I turn off caching on page level, e.g. setting a #flRenderingCache directive inside the page? I tried "#flRenderingCache false" but it came out at website directives level, "#responderAttributes.flRenderingCache false" did not work.

Harmonizing the locations of the website directives and responder attributes will get us:

- scalable rendering (setting the #template directive from the URL/domain side, e.g. /web or /print or /cellphone)

- dynamic permissions for members (a page is not accessible via one path, but readable via a different domain, just by "jumping" directly to one page, which leaves out a #member attribute)

- member dependent template rendering

Just thinking


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