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[ANN] telnetServer 1.0a6

Author:John Simms
Posted:1/7/1999; 4:19:16 PM
Topic:Frontier-related announcements
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Good evening. I'd like to announce telnetServer 1.0a6, available now at

New Stuff

The installation bugs that plagued 1.0a5 have been fixed. I thought I had taken care of those problems, so I'm not sure how they croped up again. Frustrating! Regardless, please be sure to run telnetServer.init () after installation.

Also, the really big news: Guest Database Support. Anything you could do in Frontier.root, you can do in any guest database. Including copying from one database to another. Type "man cd" for information on how to switch from one database to the next. Guest databases are treated like other volumes in odb mode.

What is telnetServer

It's a telnetServer for Frontier. It allows you to telnet into your Macintosh or Windows computer and browse both the file system and frontier.root.

It sports a command line interface, and most typical unix commands are supported. See

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