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Re: Memory management w/ Frontier

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:1/12/1999; 6:19:19 AM
Topic:Memory management w/ Frontier
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Kurt, after re-reading your message, I think I now understand your question about memory. We need to get a definitive document on our website that explains how Frontier uses memory. This message will not be that document, but I'll tell you how memory applies to your application.

When a table is accessed it remains in memory for the life of the database. If it's in Frontier.root that means it stays in memory for the life of the app (unless you close and re-open it, but a script can't do that).

However, any non-scalar objects it contains (outlines, wptexts, scripts) do not stay in memory.

This is probably why your memory usage didn't go down until you quit Frontier. However, assuming all this data is going into a guest database, you probably could have reclaimed all the memory by closing and re-opening the database. And for guest databases, scripts can do that, where they couldn't do it for Frontier.root.

And, unless your script is huge (I'm sure it's not) uncompiling the script will only reclaim a tiny bit of memory relative to the amount of memory used by your data.

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