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Memory management w/ Frontier

Author:Kurt J. Egger
Posted:1/12/1999; 1:49:49 AM
Topic:Memory management w/ Frontier
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Last night I imported a database with 50.000 records into a GDB. The import script created a table per record and each field went into a sub-item.

- The raw text file is 14.473kB
- Resulting GDB is 50.041kB
- Frontier 5.1.5 w/ mainresponder (everything current)
- Dual PII w/ 512MB Ram
- NT 4.0, SP3, OP

Observations so far: - The script took 568 minutes to execute - There was no additional load on the machine - Normal memory usage is around 60MB - During import the usage built up to 419MB - This memory was not released after the script finished - Record lookups via mainresponder took between 100 and 300 ticks - Restarting Frontier released all the memory - Record lookups via mainresponder are now at 14 ticks average

The script looped over the file with file.readline, processed the line and checked against file.endOfFile.

How does Frontier deal with the memory used during and after execution of scripts?


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