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Re: Scripting on Windows - command line apps

Author:Michael Winser
Posted:1/12/1999; 10:29:11 AM
Topic:Scripting on Windows
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Command line applications are on the top of my list for scripting. Like it or not there are still a lot of very powerful command line tools that are better than anything else for getting certain tasks done.

I want to be able to invoke these commands from script and process their output in script. In terms of the std C library I want to be able to popen a process so that I can pipe input into the command and pipe the output back into my script code.

Fortunately, this isn't too hard to do. As soon as I'm out of ship mode for IE 5 I plan to write a helper object that will do this for me.

Also on my list is better high level tools for file management. The filesystem object is fine but doesn't cut it for managing large numbers of files. I want the equivalent of move, rename, copy and del (mv, mv, cp, and rm for my friends in Unix land).


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