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Re: Scripting on Windows

Author:Dewayne Christensen
Posted:1/12/1999; 1:37:37 PM
Topic:Scripting on Windows
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>>How to make Windows scripting better..?

Not much, just make everything in the System32 directory scriptable.

Let me write scripts that use Wordpad and Notepad to generate HTML files and other documents. (Just noticed that those two aren't actually in System32...)

Give me full control of the file system, create/read/write/ delete/rename/move/ link/search/scandisk/ defrag/compress/decompress/ compare/set permissions/walk directory trees...

Let me add/remove/change scheduled tasks.

Give me control of the RAS dialer so I can have the phone loop through a series of numbers, not just keep redialing the one I know's busy.

(Edlin's still around!?!? I don't need that one scriptable!)

Let me script ftp/telnet/ping/http sessions. For that matter give me a scriptable tcp/ip channel I can write my own apps with.

Let me programmatically draw graphs with Paint and capture screen shots to post to a web site.

Give me scriptable equivalents to the NET set of commands.

Make the Control Panel applets all scriptable.

But MOST of all, give me decent error handling, and give me consistency. Don't make a WScript.This and a Scripting.That and a Shell.TheOtherThing and an Explorer.Magellan. Give me System.Disk, System.File, System.Timer, System.Window, System.Task, System.Process, System.User, System.Printer...

And then give me a single place for all scriptable apps to merge their help files into, rather than making me hunt through 300 different help files (or more likely, not hunting and then not knowing what's available.)

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