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Re: The Quake Guy Talks
Posted:1/12/1999; 6:26:20 PM
Topic:The Quake Guy Talks
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Carmak isn't Connectix, a company that seems dedicated to making the Mac do the impossible, he is one of the best 3d-game programmers around. He puts his effort into improving visual quality, framerates, gameplay, simulation realism, etc and he is trying to do it on a cross platform codebase. With that goal I have no problem understanding why he expects the MacOS to do most of the things he wants it to do so that he is free to spend his time doing the things he is uniqely qualified to do. Compairing him to connectix is a red herring. Connectix emulated a 2-3 year old hardware platform in software. Carmack is developing the next generation 3-d gaming platform.

Suggesting that he is lazy or sloppy doesn't win you any arguments either. IDs games have been quite stable going back several generations and sloppy memory allocation/deallocation is going to hurt your game performance whether or not there is a good OS level VM implementation behind it. (Besides, god gave us a flat address space, why shouldn't we be able to use it)

As for protected memory, is it really as easy as saying "don't violate your memory partition" during developent? It seems to me that to some extent these things are inevitable. To the extent that they are, why wouldn't a developer favor an OS that let them recover from their mistakes quickly, rather than rebooting the machine.

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