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Re: Frontier-XML Tutorial

Author:Stéphane Volet
Posted:1/12/1999; 7:00:05 PM
Topic:Frontier-XML Tutorial
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I don't know how fundamentally different this would qualify... but I'm trying to use Frontier as a the central repository for the content that is produced by the Law Society where I work.

More precisely: there are a number of related printed publications that we produce (Collections of Laws and regulations, doctrinal articles ranging from a single page comment to full fledged textbooks) that need to be also available online. Generally, the content is authored in MS Office applications and is passed on to external publishers to be printed.

So the application I'd like to develop would consist of a Visual Basic for Applications client part that would make the conversion of Word documents to XML, then pass them on (via DCOM or XML-RPC) to a Frontier server where they could be published on our website (which is already handled by Frontier). Once in Frontier, certain parts of those documents will be much more easily managed (Table of contents... indexes, links, etc...)... not to mention the Search engine possibilities!...

I'm still a few lengths away from getting the pieces to work together (...the first hurdle is the language of our content! ...all in French!)... and secondly the necessity to have a very robust transforming scheme once the data is in XML so as to produce from the same content both printable and browsable versions (XSL is still unripe... ).... there's still some digging left!...

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