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Re: W3C

Author:Seth Dillingham
Posted:1/13/1999; 10:32:12 AM
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--->Why would anyone have to pay a small fee?

--->All that's required is a mail list and a will to collaborate?

In utopia, no fee would be required. However, in the world I live in, funded projects and organizations *tend* to be more successful than non-funded ones. Also, members *tend* to take their memberships more seriously when they've had to pay something to join.

Other problems with a totally free system:

1. Somebody's going to have too much control. Whoever organized it, or provides the server or the bandwidth, will have too much implied authority because it's "their system".

2. Too much noise on completely "open" discussion lists.

I'd be less inclined to join (or at least expect a lot less of the organization) if it was completely free than I would if it cost a little bit.


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