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Author:Dori Smith
Posted:1/13/1999; 3:38:08 PM
Topic:HTML Refresh Language
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seth>I don't really want a seat at the W3C table. I want to join an organization that's devoted to the quick development (design *and implementation*) of protocols and software for the net.

I'm not saying that a W3C seat would be the *only* goal. I was just agreeing with you that requiring a fee to join results in a more focused group of people, and that then turning around and buying a W3C membership with that money could be a win/win for those that care about W3C. What else would you do with the money? As Dave said, a mailing list is all that's really needed.

W3C membership may not count for much, but it'd allow specs like XML-RPC and HTMLR to be submitted (to bring things back to where this topic started).


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