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Exploring WDDX

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:1/14/1999; 1:03:25 PM
Topic:Exploring WDDX
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I wanted to get a better look at WDDX in action, so I wrote a little crawler script that downloaded 23 example files from Then I put them into a guest database, and wrote a couple of pages that display them, one a plain text viewer and another a nicely indented viewer. In the process of prettying-up the text, they go thru Frontier's XML parser. All but two compile without error.

If you're interested in seeing what WDDX source text looks like with things nicely indented, this is the place to go. If you know of any other sites with WDDX examples on them, please send me a pointer. Comments, questions, discoveries, code bits are welcome..

One more thing, people from the Cold Fusion community are welcome here too. Let's learn from each other and share knowledge.

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