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Re: base64 to the rescue!

Author:Simeon Simeonov
Posted:1/17/1999; 9:51:04 AM
Topic:WDDX Annotated DTD
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I don't want to create any more controversy than has already been created. :) By saying that we have a better encoding I simply meant that the shipping version of WDDX automatically deals with such important issues.

Base64 encoding does work, but then the sending and the receiving end need to know that they have to do some special processing. This is not real XML data exchange... Consider this: if you expect that a string may at any point (even with a probability of 1/1000000) contain such data you'll have to always manually encode and decode it to/from base64. I don't want to make a big deal out of this, except point out that a plug'n'play solution needs to hide these details from developers.

BTW, future versions of WDDX will have a binary datatype that is most likely to be base64 encoded. As you correctly point out, it both fast and blessed by the xml-del community.

Sim, Allaire

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