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base64 to the rescue!

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:1/17/1999; 9:40:00 AM
Topic:WDDX Annotated DTD
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Simeon, we pretty much punt on those issues when the text being transmitted goes beyond printing ASCII characters, we base64-encode parameters, at will.

I agree that the information interchange areas become a little thorny as a result, but if you have fast base64 encoding/decoding it doesn't add much overhead. As we moved forward we checked with people on the xml-dev list and there was a consensus that we'd pretty much all be doing base64 before it was all over. I wonder if you agree?

Also, to be claiming on our DG that you have better encoding before allowing us to respond is one of the ways we got in trouble in the past. As far as I can tell, still has not been updated to reflect the information you have about simple object serialization. We, of course, have updated our site to point to yours..

Yours in respectful coopetition,


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