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#Security and the search engine

Author:Eric Soroos
Posted:1/19/1999; 10:12:30 PM
Topic:#Security and the search engine
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I was looking for the reference to #security and couldn't find anything under the search engine.

Security gave 176 responses, down to 7% relevancy after the first page

security mainResponder didn't get anything relevant.

But, I've now found it in my archives.

It was in a thread on Questions about mainresponder.respond on the server list.

basically the #security is called in the context of the responder with out any parameters, so you don't need a on [#security] line.

from James Spahr

>don't put a handle in the script. Furthuer more, the security script 
>in the context on the server attributes (i think...) example:

local { legalip = {"","",""}}; if not (legalip contains client) { scripterror("permission denied.")}

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