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Re: Marquis de Schwarznegger

Author:jurgen schaub
Posted:1/21/1999; 1:37:47 PM
Topic:Marquis de Schwarznegger
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at the end of , you asked:

Do you live in one of those cities? What ideas do you have? What do you want to do with broadband?

i realise it's quite a while ago now- but do you remember if anyone responded to that question? what are people doing with their new toy? i'd be interested to know if their big fast pipes enabled a better sense of community, or whether they're just having speed thrills. as an outsider, i can't get in to the "personal pages" area of - it's difficult to tell how successful it is in actually accomplishing the goals you repeated in that article.

i'm remembering the demo of "fiberlink" that i got when i was looking around at where to buy. they emphasised the community aspects of the system, and what wonderful things could happen. granted, they were a bit sketchy on the details, but after a big hyped launch, nothing has happened.

is anyone from maine reading this? what's happening in broadband world?

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