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Problems between Perl-based client and Python-based server

Author:Skip Montanaro
Posted:1/25/1999; 5:54:19 AM
Topic:Problems between Perl-based client and Python-based server
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I'm having trouble getting a Perl-based client talking to my Python-based server. The following script gets into the call then quits with a "500 unexpected EOF before status line seen" error. I'm pretty much incapable of debugging Perl scripts. Perhaps someone on this list with Perl familiarity (Ken M.?) can figure out what's going wrong.


Skip Montanaro

use Frontier::Client;
use strict;
my $server = Frontier::Client->new(url =>
my $result = $server->call("query",
	     ('MusicEntry', {'performers'=>'Dave Matthews'}));
print "$result\n";

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