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Musical XML-RPC

Author:Wesley Felter
Posted:1/25/1999; 10:22:51 AM
Topic:Musical XML-RPC
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Now that all these languages have XML-RPC, what do we do with it? How about a CDDB gateway?

Normally I don't post business plans on the DG, but there's an hour until my next class and I'm bored, so...

Amazon brought us the definitive site for books, but there's no such thing for music. (Music is the only thing I buy on a regular basis...)

What I want is a site that has the information (including lyrics) for every song on every album in the last 20 years (if not the last 50). I also want to be able to listen to any song with one click. I also want to be able to buy any CD or a custom mix CD. Of course, if I was paying to access such a service I'd also want an XML-RPC interface. I don't want to go to multiple sites, I don't want ads, I don't want to download plug-ins or applications, and I don't want to hear about half-baked copy-protection schemes or the latest convoluted copyright law.

Now back to your regularly-scheduled discussion of scripting, XML, and space aliens...

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