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Re: Injected with micro-organisms?

Author:Skip Montanaro
Posted:1/25/1999; 10:26:00 AM
Topic:Injected with micro-organisms?
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Dave wrote: I think it will suck the greed out of the software business, and allow users to have real choice, and make the big companies relevant only if they produce excellent software. I admired Microsoft's courage at being willing to operate in such a world.

Ah, but you have to be verrrry careful. Today within Microsoft, and probably at the technical level, it's, "Hey, the XML-RPC thing looks like it will solve our Spam and Eggs problem." Further down the line, you may find that once the idea gets kicked upstairs it starts to get transmogrified into something that's almost-but-not-quite-what-you-had-in-mind. I believe this was the basis of the Sun Java suit. In general, if you have some useful piece of technology that could release the Windows lock in some nontrivial fashion, I think you have to be very careful interpreting what the folks in Redmond have to say about it.


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