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Re: Injected with Micro-soft?

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:1/25/1999; 12:14:24 PM
Topic:Injected with micro-organisms?
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Ah, but you have to be verrrry careful. Today within Microsoft, and probably at the technical level, it's, "Hey, the XML-RPC thing looks like it will solve our Spam and Eggs problem."

Good point. No matter what, XML-RPC has momentum now, and whether or not Microsoft supports it, or whether or not their support is wholehearted, we're going to make it work better and better, and of course we'll support their operating systems and connect to their apps and servers. No matter what they do.

I believe there are good reasons for Microsoft to overcome its history. It would be a big change if they worked with scripting developers before working with big companies. I think this is where the power is to build Internet-based distributed apps. The servers are all going to be implemented in scripting systems, imho.

Anyway, to be clear, I would welcome Microsoft's public endorsement of XML-RPC.

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