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Numbering Outlines?

Author:Oliver Wrede
Posted:1/26/1999; 5:00:28 AM
Topic:Frontier 6 Outliner
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in some tables in Frontier 5 I can see, that each object has the same name like its neighbours. When you click inside, you can see that they are separated with line numbers in front of the name, which are not visible at the first place (seems theres a TAB inbetween the number and the name).

I have a problem: I want to order my tables by something else than the names of the objects, and I want to use my script to loop through the objects at the given order!

Currently it seems odb.item[1] is always the name starting with the smallest character (e.g. "a").

Problem is, that I have made scripts, which build navigationbars by looping through my websites table and looking for objects with the name "index". With this feature I am not able to order the navigational points unless I use names like "01first", "02second", "03third" aso.

I there a way to arrange objects? E.g. it would be nice to have a "number current order" instruction in the outline-menu (hoping that this numbers would really have the desired effect on the looping script!)


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