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Re: Jini Jini Jini (Zzzzz?)
Posted:1/26/1999; 7:53:15 AM
Topic:Jini Jini Jini (Zzzzz?)
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"So what is Jini after all the hype?"

To me the most exciting promise of Jini is in the home.

Remember when Chuck went through and automated his house with X10:

Well imagine what you can do if you were able to do a lot more than just turn things on or off, but control appliance behavior. Also imagine if you could do some of these things from your cell phone, and not just your PC.

The small webserver pointed to on proves the point that embedded power is shrinking in size and cost. Digital watches used to be a big deal, but now they are often included in just about everything (causing a big headache at daylight savings!). Someday the potential is there for Jini to be just as common. It is a big paradigm shift - and people may not be ready for it this decade.

I'm sure there are other aspects of Jini, but thats the one that I find the most exciting.


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