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Re: Jini Jini Jini (Zzzzz?)
Posted:1/26/1999; 9:45:22 AM
Topic:Jini Jini Jini (Zzzzz?)
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Jini is (or is based on) Linda, a distributed software environment developed by David Gelenter and his grad students at Yale.

As I understand it, it's a protocol by which a computing resource can manage a distributed task. At last year's Java One conference, they demonstrated Jini by computing the Mandelbrot set on the Java rings (see <> given to each participant. When you attached your Java Ring to a terminal, it would ask the central server for a pixel to compute, compute the pixel, and return the result. Jini provides the protocol that controls how requests flow through the system.

Note that using Java lets a request, expressed as a Java applet or application, to execute on any computing hardware that supports a Java VM and a suitable network interface. In the fractal demo, the Jini server was, presumably, a Sun server, while the actual computation took place on a Java VM implemented on a single chip micro (8051, if I remember correctly). The Jini server sends the Jini applet to the "device" (software + hardware + Java VM) to execute the Jini request.

You could probably do the same thing with Frontier, or provide Jini servers, written in Frontier, that broker Java/Jini applets.


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