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Re: Jini Jini Jini (Zzzzz?)

Author:Jim Roepcke
Posted:1/26/1999; 2:26:11 PM
Topic:Jini Jini Jini (Zzzzz?)
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Sure the idea is exciting, but it seems a little weird to assume that the device has a Java Virtual Machine running on it. Wouldn't it be more fun if other programming environments could play here? Wouldn't you like to put Tcl on your kayak? How about Python?

What's the difference between the Java Virtual Machine and the Intel Virtual Machine (ie: the Pentium II/III), or the XYZ Virtual Machine?

You need SOME sort of runtime, afterall. The Java VM is just a VM, you can use Java as a language for developing for the VM, but you can also use Python or NetRexx or other languages that have compilers that output byte-codes for the VM. (the list is growing)

The Java VM is documented in Addison-Wesley books... anyone can implement one (like HP did, and Kaffe did) without Sun's involvement.

The idea of having a "machine language" that can run on any kind of host, whether it's a mainframe, desktop, PDA, or a piece of jewellery is a very exciting prospect.

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