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Distributed OO Network Application Architecture (was zzzzzz)

Author:Matthew Dornquast
Posted:1/27/1999; 12:37:40 PM
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Another product deserves consideration (IMHO) when discussing distributed computing/java. It's Objectspace's voyager. Check it out! <>

A few key services/technologies in distributed computing: Location transparency (Code doesn't think of being at machine X, it thinks of running near a service or chunk of data-- wherever that is) Federated directory/naming services Autonomous code(self moving/agent) Pass by ref AND value. (ala corba 3.0)

Other tools you need to make that stuff work: Transaction services (multi-phase commit across multiple cpus) Persistence services (one could argue that a large enough space with distributed cloning could eliminate much of this requirement.


When you combine: object oriented development (in particular providing solutions via component collaboration), distributed computing technologies (listed above), and Java's VM/classloader w/ OO infrastructure you get something that's well. Unique in my development experience.

I can *see* solutions through tightly integrated systems following strict open standards in a hardwired web of applications.

I *dream* about collaborations of loosely coupled objects whose concerns are roles, responsibilities and services.

It's a different way to architect. One we didn't have the luxury of doing before the internet/java. (Okay, some did-- and DID. But they were proprietary systems with limited space to grow)

< There is no longer any reason to sacrifice the flexibility of an application's architecture to achieve the required performance goal.

The precondition to such a statement is the application runs in a networked environment with sufficient local resources to establish a distributed architecture on which to work.

We've got enough technology/io/cpu/network cycles to distribute any problem accross N machines.

If we don't, can anyone argue we wont?>>


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