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Check IBIS for advanced outlining

Author:Aldo Paula
Posted:1/27/1999; 12:08:34 PM
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I'm a very big outlining enthousiast. One of the best pieces on outlining I've ever read was from the hand of Jeff Conklin <>. It was a piece on his revolutianary system called Issue Based Information System (IBIS). A few years ago there was even some talk that I would go to the States to work with him on the system. A lot of what the people are asking for he anticipated 10 years ago already.

The main reason I never bash Microsoft is because they have this good outliner in Word.

The idea behind IBIS is very powerful. Every issue is an entry in a database, that supposedly will have pros and cons; and argument supporting this. With the theory in mind and an outline you can put turbo in meetings and capture most of the ideas during a brainstorm meeting.


Aldo Paula

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