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New version 0.03 of Frontier-RPC Perl module

Author:Ken MacLeod
Posted:1/28/1999; 2:48:57 PM
Topic:New version 0.03 of Frontier-RPC Perl module
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[Cc'd to the XML-RPC mailing list <>]

I have uploaded the new version 0.03 of the Frontier-RPC Perl module to <> and it will be finding it's way around CPAN shortly.

Version 0.03 contains the following changes:

- add support for , , and data types

- added a method to Frontier::RPC2 to decode an XML-RPC request, execute the procedure, and encode and return the XML response

The new method in Frontier::RPC2 makes it easier to use XML-RPC with other transports, like CGIs -- you need only to call `serve' with the XML text, a hash of procedures clients can call, and `serve' will call the procedure named in the request and return the XML result ready to send back.

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