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Re: New tweaks for XML-RPC?

Author:Andrew Fitzhugh
Posted:1/29/1999; 10:27:30 AM
Topic:New tweaks for XML-RPC?
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For bundling multiple requests, we've defined two higher level XML elements: and . These identify a particular service, and all xml-rpc requests contained within it are directed at that service. All the responses generated by the service request are bundled in a .

I hacked up a prototype in perl (using XML::Parser and Win32::OLE) in no time to dispatch serviceRequests to COM/OLE servers. I could POST a to our server, and it would extract various image metadata from a collection of images and export it all to an Excel spreadsheet.

Defining higher level services like this will also let us create a service registry. The idea is that we'd use an XML schema like a type library or IDL file to describe what methods and properties are available on that service. Our server could validate an incoming against its corresponding registry schema. I haven't gotten around to building this part yet.

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