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New tweaks for XML-RPC?

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:1/29/1999; 7:21:43 AM
Topic:New tweaks for XML-RPC?
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I've been getting a steady stream of email on XML-RPC, this is great because it's getting the attention I hoped it would, and the questions/comments are coming from people who are really implementing it, not just coffee-housing.

I always encourage people to post public messages, but sometimes that doesn't work for them, so I'll post summaries of the messages on the DG when I can so others can be in the loop and comment. Today there are two ideas that I want to open up:

In the first request, it's tricky, I'm not sure how to format it, but the request seems reasonable.

For the second request, I'd suggest sending an array of s where you can omit the type tag, values that have no type default to string. Further, I think routers and modems do enough compression to not make this an issue, however there has been some private discussion that maybe XML-RPC should suggest that only four types be commonly supported, , , and and that all other types be expressed as . I find this very appealing, most of our apps only use these four types and the ones that don't could easily be converted to do so.


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