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Re: XML-RPC Spec Comments

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:1/30/1999; 7:45:58 AM
Topic:XML-RPC Spec Comments
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Comments in response to Simeon's comments:

  1. The version info is a no-brainer, I'll come up with a proposal for that when I finish reading your posting and Bob's.

  2. Modularizing the spec might be a good idea. I just wonder if we really need all those choices. I understand that you're designing for your user base. If XML-RPC becomes a two-dimensional array, where will there be compatibility? Specs have to make choices, right?

  3. Give me a scenario for embedding a RPC request in HTML? Do people want to use a wizzy HTML editor to write RPCs? Does this somehow relate to Cold Fusion? When does the RPC run, when the user clicks on a Submit button?

  4. Re encoding the call in a URL, I think those URLs are super-ugly. They're disappearing, thankfully. I would not like to do anything to promote the idea.

About doing all that before we talk about integrating WDDX, please, why make us jump thru all those hoops? Getting WDDX into XML-RPC is really a matter of allowing a WDDX packet to be a param type for a XML-RPC call. If we had a customer who needed this, we could do it in a week of coding. I don't think there's any design traps in there.

But after reading the other postings I may come back here and change my mind! Let's see what happens.

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