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Re: #renderTableWith doesn't match doc

Author:Michael Johnston
Posted:1/30/1999; 7:44:32 PM
Topic:Search Engine XML-RPC Interface
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Ahh, I just found Sam Reynolds #renderTableWith tutorial on SM, in which he describes a workaround for the problem.

Very cool workaround, thanks Sam.

I made a couple changes, cuz I don't like copying and pasting:

on renderTableAs ( tableAdr ) 
		«Leave this script in user.html.renderers
		«Create a template (outline or wptext) and put it somewhere in the templates hierarchy.
		«In the template, refer to items in the table as {tbl^.itemname}.
                «Use  the directive #useOutline within the table you're rendering to specify an outline template
	on GetPageTbl() 
			return( html.getPageTableAddress() )
		return( @websites.["#data"] )
		pageTbl = GetPageTbl()
	if defined (pageTbl^.useOutline ) 
		templateAdr = @pageTbl^.templates^.[pageTbl^.useOutline]
		if defined ( tableAdr^.["#useOutline"] ) 
 			templateAdr = @pageTbl^.templates^.[tableAdr^.["#useOutline"]]
			templateAdr = user.html.templates.basicTableOutline «  make a template to catch unspecified tables
	pageTbl^.tbl = tableAdr
	html.processMacros( string( templateAdr^ ) )

I still think it'd be nice if UserLand patched up tenderRender to conform to the doc for #renderTableWith, but this works great.

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