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Re: #renderTableWith doesn't match doc

Author:Michael Johnston
Posted:1/29/1999; 2:56:47 PM
Topic:Search Engine XML-RPC Interface
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I suspect they originally intended to design it this way so that you could break down a page into subelements. At least, thats how I want to use it. So than you can have a table of elements, and an outline that you can use to order and markup those elements, pulling them from adrpagetable^.adrTable. The resulting outline is then rendered and embedded in a template. Now you can easily name and keep track of and manage individual pieces of content on a page. This lets you have pages that are more complex than a simple linear block of text and still keep all the bits of content separate from their markup (and even from the logical structure of the page).

Very very important IMHO.

I can easily use a script as the table renderer, but it means that I have to provide a facility for turning an outline of a page into a renderer script, which than just creates the same outline with the bits of content added in.Too much overhead.


    #renderTableWith        "tableRndrr"
    thingy        "purple oblong"
    desc        "long, translucent, and gorgeous"



    {spacer}is...     adrpagetable^.adrTable^.desc
at render, address of table "stuff" gets put in adrpagetable^.adrTable. Now, tableRndrr passed through the rendering machinery as normal.

now, you can do the same using macros for thingy and desc, but with many pages and many subelements that you want to automate, the above way is more efficient and easier to automate and interface to.

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