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Author:Andy Babiec
Posted:1/31/1999; 9:17:13 AM
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Keep in mind that my current client is and that I didn't mention this in my question.

I tried out your link to the forum2000. I asked the question "What Should I do today?"

Dogbert replies "Quit your job and work for!"

Note: the word amazon was hyperlinked to their site.

I then asked this question: "Why should I work at"

Here are the responses:

James Bond, HMSS Agent 007: "When their new super laser is completed, all other bookstores will be annihilated."

God-Man: "Because they are beloved of Me."

Obi-Wan Kenobi: "If Barnes and Nobles strikes them down, Amazon will just become more powerful than Barnes and Nobles could ever have imagined."

Darth Vader: "Feel the power of the dark side!"

The Spice Girls: "Amazon carries our album

Note: the words "our album" were linked to

This site made my day.

the question links from the Recent Questions list....

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