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Re: XML-RPC Spec Comments

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:1/31/1999; 1:23:32 PM
Topic:XML-RPC Spec Comments
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OK, my mind must be very slow or I must have missed something.

Are you saying that we should modify every XML-RPC server to return WDDX-formatted responses? Should this be optional or the only kind of response that's allowed? I'm just asking for clarification to your message. I've got a lot of people asking for lots of things now, that's good I guess, but I'm beginning to think that we should just try to bridge WDDX and XML-RPC, to require an intermediate piece of software that speaks both (Frontier could do that) and that when you want to bridge between networks you talk to the server that can speak both languages.

In other words, it's sounding to me like neither of us have the flexibility to rewrite and respecify. Unless you can think of one or two small things we could do to make XML-RPC WDDX-friendly, it's beginning to sound insurmountable to me.

Correct me if I'm wrong! I'd like to be..

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