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Author:Hannes Walln÷fer
Posted:2/3/1999; 4:52:59 AM
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I'd be happy to see both ActiveX and Java implementations.

Any Java object can be registered as a COM object and called from JScript/VBScript on Windows. I've done this in several cases for ASP pages, and it works very well. I haven't tried yet in IE, but I guess it works the same way as in ASP.

This would be cool because with more or less the same code you could have an applet/LiveConnect solution for Netscape and a COM/ActiveX solution for MSIE. I don't have the time to do this right now, but I can post some hints if there's interest. Otherwise I guess I would try it out next weekend.

Does anybody know if IE on Mac supports ActiveX objects written in Java? I know it doesn't support LiveConnect to talk to Applets.

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