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table.visit walk through order

Author:Kevin B. Newman
Posted:2/4/1999; 11:24:37 AM
Topic:table.visit walk through order
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I have a number tables and sub-tables that at the lowest level contains URLs and I am trying to build a "bookmark" page.

I use table.visit to walk though this structure and build my links but it walks through the tables in "name" order. That is how they are sorted in the database.

How can I get control of this order? I can't change the order of the tables in the ODB (its only name, value, kind). The only way i have found to manage the order in the database is to place a space infront of names that i want to bubble to the top. This works ut looks awful.

I don't think I can use an outline instead, because need to dynamically add more urls through a cgi to this table structure.

If there are other sources for this kind of information I would really like to see it. I checked archives and the docs but am unable to make any progress.

Thanks Kevin

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