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An echo from the darkness

Author:Micah Alpern
Posted:2/5/1999; 9:38:53 AM
Topic:A new toy!
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I started playing with the mailtothefuture site today. Logged in and looked around. Tried to send a message. Noticed there isn't an option for recurring events (I know it's a demo). So I start thinking about how I might use it for important one time events.

First I send myself a happy new millennium message. Happy new year, hope your enjoying the bubbly.

Then I got more creative. I'm 23, so I sent myself a birthday message.... when I'm 50. I wonder where I'll be, what I'll be doing, who I'll be doing it with. I wonder if I'll even receive it. Will still be around? How may email addresses will the message have to be bounced through? How fast will my net connection/computer be then? =-) I sent it to an address at my own domain. What if I've died? Maybe my children, the future web masters, will receive it? An echo from the darkness. Such interesting possibilities.


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