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What Makes a Good Application Framework?
Posted:2/11/1999; 4:59:36 AM
Topic:An experiment
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Dave writes about this all the time on an ad hoc basis. At this point I am trying to compare things like frontier, zope (, coldfusion (, php, java-ssi, ASP, ASPy (, slashnet, etc.

Some seem to focus more on database enabling a web site, while others seem more focused on "managing" structure.

The value of this structure management is ambiguous. If you intend to generate pages as templates that are filled in out of a database. Then all you need is to define a database. If you need "content editors" to add content to the site, you can just provide web forms for them to submit their content into the database (relational or otherwise).

Are there substantive differences between all of these packages, or is it more like choosing among c compilers -- i.e. they all do more or less the same thing, just tuned to different work rythms? More generally, on what bases do you recomend I choose one over the others?


PS There seems to be no obvious place to put a new subject so I am just responding to an existing one.

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