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Re: XML-RPC vs. Corba

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:2/11/1999; 5:44:22 AM
Topic:XML-RPC Spec Update
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The whole point of CORBA is language independent interface specification (and IIOP gives you a wire protocol). There's no OS dependency at all. One area where CORBA shines is tying together apps written on different platforms (hardware & OS) & with different APIs.

Yeah yeah, and the DCOM guys would say the same thing, and a few years ago the Apple Events guys would have said it too. There's nothing about any of the wire protocols that bind them to a specific OS. I'm observing empirical data, behavior patterns, I understand that in its conception CORBA is supposed to be cross-platform. And there are Unix implementations of DCOM as well. (There was a lot of talk about a Windows implementation of Apple Events, but Apple could never agree to do anything, no matter how smart it might be.)

However, the idea of a bridge between CORBA and XML-RPC is super-exciting! That's exactly what we want.

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