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XML-RPC introspection preliminary proposal

Author:michael j lawley
Posted:2/11/1999; 6:05:03 AM
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Do you mean something like the dictionary you get with Apple scripting? If so, then I agree this would be a tremendous addition to XML-RPC.

More explicitly, I'd like to see an XML-RPC convention for querying a server as to what methods it supports, and what the argument formats for these methods are. The guts of a response might look something like:
        The title of the page
        The text of the page, base64 encoded
        The name of the site that contains the page
        The URL of the home page of the site that contains the page
        true if page can be indexed

I imagine the tags should be optional.

This is very off-the-top-of-my-head as you can see by the fact that the thing above is just XML and not a valid/complete XML-RPC response. Neither have I suggested what the request should look like. I'm sure others with more XML-RPC experience have ideas...

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