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Re: IXmlHttpRequest

Author:David Shinpaugh
Posted:2/15/1999; 10:17:37 AM
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Has anyone gotten the IE5 XML HTTP Request control to work completely?

Have you tried it with Mail to the Future's RPC handlers?

We've got it working in regards to making the XML based request and getting the data back into the control, but we can't seem to get at an individual piece of the resonseXML tree.

We've tried many .documentElement.childNodes.etc.etc. But no luck, except that xmlrpcrequest.ResponseXML.documentElement.childNodes.item(0).text

us the complete tree's data including the tag names without the <>, see:

dateTime 19990205T01:00:0 insertionDate 19990204T11:48:22 messageBody Here's yet another message. David receiverMailAddress sentat 19990205T01:01:0 subject More messages

At least that proves there is data in there.

We've also tried using getElementsByTagName() method with no results. Actually it returns an object, but I haven't been able to get to anything inside that object.

Help is greatly appreciated, anyone have sample code for this control?


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