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Uber-global glossary

Author:Jim Roepcke
Posted:2/15/1999; 10:25:24 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 2/15/99
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How about making the glossary XML-RPC aware?

Normally, user.html.glossary is the "end of the line", as far as the glossary-lookup-chain is concerned.

But how about a #glossaryServer (table) directive, that html.refGlossary (?) would look at it? The table would contain the info needed to ask an XML-RPC server to try to translate a glossary reference into something else.

This way you could have a global distributed glossary. In your case for SN, you'd want to host it on the dynamic server, and use it with #glossaryServer on the static server.

There's lots of missing pieces to this idea as I've presented it, but I'm not the XML-RPC guru you are, so if you're interested in this idea, I'd rather see you guys architect it! :-)

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