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Author:Dave Winer
Posted:2/16/1999; 6:24:23 AM
Topic:Defeating the browser's cache
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Cross-posted on the Script Meridian Community list. Phil, I did a search on for #meta, this page should have been the first page the search engine returned, but it only showed up because I pointed to it from the Scripting News home page. It was way down the list. It should have been the #1 item. I want people to be able to find the information you put so much effort into producing. We've made it really easy to get your pages indexed by, I'm posting this publicly in the hopes that people who write excellent docs that Frontier people use, will put every page on their site in the search engine. Here's a page that explains how to do it: Important facts:
  • To participate you do not need to be running Frontier 6. It's an XML-RPC interface, you call the search engine using betty.rpc.client, that's in Frontier 5.1.
  • There's a sample script on that page. I think (it doesn't say) that you can include this code in your pagefilter script, as-is, to index every change you make to the page automatically. Or you could write a script that travels thru a website and uploads it to the search engine. I think the latter approach is going to appeal to more people. We clearly can write some sample code here. Brent, could you answer these questions?
  • You do not need a fulltime net connection. You call the search engine from the machine you manage your content on, not on the server that's storing your static files.
  • We're evangelizing other scripting communities to use the same XML-RPC interface. Let's be the leaders here. I want Frontier's search engine to shine.

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