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Re: Eric Soroos's mail server

Author:Tom Donovan
Posted:2/17/1999; 1:29:15 PM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 2/16/99
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OK, I can see the benefits of having an e-mail input into the Frontier workflow, in fact, I'm using Doug Brewer's eWeb (actually a modified version) that way right now. What I am having trouble wrapping my mind around is how I could use e-mail as in input to a discussion group.

Here's my scenario: A homework hotline system for my school district. I already have one set up that allows a teacher to send a message that gets turned into a web page, with each new message replacing the one before that. Thay way, parents only have to know one URL and they can always find the most recent posting.

I am really excited about the prospects of taking advantage of the new DG features, but I want to allow those teachers who so desire to stick with an e-mail based system, so the ability to hook Eric's mailserver into the discussion group framework would be great. Is this doable?

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