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scriptingNews outline for 2/16/99

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:2/16/1999; 4:41:15 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 2/16/99
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Eric Soroos's mail server for Frontier now supports APOP authentication. "This package connects incoming email into the Frontier workflow process. Incoming mail can trigger any script you care to write. The applications can range from personal email, to mailing list archives, to XML-RPC interaction. This is simply one more way to get information in and out of a Frontier ODB."

I spent much of today developing a new control panel for editing the Scripting News home page. As it develops I'll show you the screen shots. I'm really excited about this, now that a pattern has developed the thing is practically designing itself.

MacWorld: Media Management Tools. looks a lot like Jakob Nielsen's Cameron Barrett spotted the similarity, and Nielsen responded. Marimba files for IPO.

I have a script that opens a web page in my browser, how can I force it to refresh the page from the server? It must work on Mac and Windows and in all popular web browsers. Answer.

MacWEEK: Summer Expo in NY.

Microsoft: Visual Basic Live.

Wired: Microsoft litigators ponder penalty.

AP: The First Net Blockbuster. "The Internet is a godsend," said Eugene Delgaudio, president of the Council of Volunteer Americans. "It was literally sent by God to give the mimeograph crowd a way to communicate."

IdleTime, one more time. "We wrote it so that scripts could run when the system is idle, when there's no user there clicking on keys or pulling down menus and opening and closing windows."

NY Times: Protestors seek Windows refund.

I'm looking for a website that shows how various congressmen voted on the Communication Decency Act. Specifically, I'm interested in knowing how Henry Hyde voted on it.

This is actually a very hard question to answer. The CDA was embedded in the Telecommunications Reform Act, which did a lot of other things. Hyde voted Aye to the TCR act. If we want to get to the bottom of this, we're going to have to dig a little deeper. Hyde may have made a mistake. He taught us how impeachment works. We may now be able to turn the gun on him, and the rest of Congress and the President. Who's going to blink first? The net is much more powerful now and it's only getting more powerful.

Keith Dawson: The 265 most hypocritical US Representatives.

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