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Re: Rendering to PDF

Author:David Boroditsky
Posted:2/18/1999; 8:20:15 AM
Topic:Rendering to PDF
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This solution will cost some money (unlike TEX and Ghostscript).

QuarkXpress has pretty powerful markup tags, and has a very powerful layout engine.

By creating some basic templates and defining some styles, you can just create suitable marked up text files.

QuarkXpress (on the Mac) can be scripted quite well, and you can print directly to PDF files if you get the full Acrobat package.

The advantage of creating Quark tag files (rather than directly mainipulating the contents of objects in Quark) is that the files can be created on any platform, can be really huge, and are more programatically mappable from another tag based markup system. Also, there is a lot less to learn.

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