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Poet Content Management System

Author:Philip Suh
Posted:2/28/1999; 11:22:05 PM
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From the Poet CMS website:

CMS web applications

Dynamic, database-driven web delivery

Delivering large amounts of content to the web is tricky business. HTML mixes content and presentation, making file-system maintenance time-consuming and costly. Navigation and presentation updates may need to be done manually across sometimes thousands of pages. With POET CMS, web developers can build and deploy completely XML database-driven web applications, eliminating the HTML file nightmare. CMS uses templates, and stylesheets to dynamically apply navigation, links, and formatting to XML content stored in Content Server. Dynamic generation means there is no HTML file maintenance and no need to undergo the error-prone task of building and maintaining complex navigation. Instead, CMS dynamically generates HTML on the fly and serves it to any web browser—no plugins are required. In addition, templates and stylesheets store presentation in one place and apply it consistently to XML content. As a result, web content contributors can focus on their real job—creating content—without worrying about how it's going to look.

This sounds pretty much on target. The HTML page in the screenshot looks like it was designed by a database developers, though. ;->

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