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scriptingNews outline for 3/1/99

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:3/1/1999; 12:35:39 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 3/1/99
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Marc Canter and his team at Broadband Mechanics have been working on a high fidelity user interface for Mail to the Future. Here are some thumbnails that illustrate the differences between a plain Netscape 2.0-compatible HTML interface and a high-bandwidth DHTML interface:

HTML Broadband

This is a window into some new power, a window that's visible in any browser. Later in the week we'll open up a live demo of the new stuff, which will only be usable in MSIE 5.0b2/Win. (Which unfortunately, due to a lawsuit, if you don't already have it, you'll have to wait until March 18. Call Bill Gates, not me or Marc.)

Other news

DaveNet: Spring has Sprung.

Paul Prescod, others: A proposal for the creation of a W3C-recommended transformation language. Tom Petty joins the MP3 bandwagon. is a search engine and portal for XML apps.

Jesse Berst: Why Corporate America is disowning consumer portals. Perfect timing!

In InternetWorld, Jakob Nielsen compares Lawrence Lee's Tomalak's Realm with, and says he prefers Tomalak. Many congratulations and a job well done to Lawrence!

Designframe is looking for a web developer in NYC.

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