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Re: Where is mailtothefuture.root supposed to live?

Author:Christoph Pingel
Posted:3/1/1999; 8:13:38 AM
Topic:A new toy!
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mailtothefuture.root is in the www folder now. When starting Frontier, I get the following error:

Error running #startup script in guest database mailToTheFuture.root: "Can’t find a sub-table named “mainresponder”."

This is weird, since the only place where "mainresponder" appears in the script text is in this line:

local (adrtable =@[system.temp.mainresponder.membersrootfile].mailToTheFutureMembers)

This address resolves without problems.

Re: domain configuration, there is no domain configuration here, the server runs on the local machine.

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