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Re: Frontier and PIM's

Author:Dave Rogers
Posted:3/5/1999; 10:26:28 AM
Topic:Frontier and PIM's
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I stumbled across WebArranger from CE Software on a tip from a MacAttorney list member. It's since been discontinued by CE, but it was originally marketed as Arrange! beginning around 1994. I believe it resembles Frontier in the sense that it is built around an OODB with an outline structure. It is a fantastic tool for conducting research. There's a little "grabber" init that will collect whatever text you highlight and dump it into a clippings topic. From there you can drag them to the appropriate topic. You can clone items, which I believe was first developed in More, where you change one entry, and they all change, everywhere else they appear.

It was originally marketed as a PIM, but it is so much more powerful than that. CE tried to tie it to the Web and bundled Web Whacker with it to manage offline browsing. I haven't used it in that fashion, but I do use it to collect data on various projects and to organize it for me.

The interface is beginning to look a bit dated, but it is still a very neat, very useful application.

I'm also looking at Ambry on the Mac and Idea Keeper, both have potential and are being developed as shareware.

Dave Rogers

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