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Re: Why MacOS X Server?

Author:Jonathan Hendry
Posted:3/11/1999; 9:48:18 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 3/11/99
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"Apple is releasing MacOS X Server to get the OpenStep developers excited"

Speaking as an OpenStep developer, this turns out not to be the case. If anything, Apple has managed to alienate many of us.

They've barely mentioned the YellowBox in ages. They promised Intel support, then killed it without warning, which makes things rather more difficult for night-owl developers with PCs but no Macs. Most OpenStep developers have PCs, but no Macs.

With an Intel version, a developer could use one machine to develop for YellowBox on three platforms (YB/NT, and YB on MacOSX Server on Intel and PPC through cross-compiling and fat binaries.) Without the Intel version, you'll need a Mac and a PC, which gets expensive.

Then again, there's been no mention of the YB/NT development tools, though they do exist as part of the WebObjects package. (And Apple must have used them to ship WebObjects.) It remains to be seen if they will be shipped in some form which allows development of non-WebObjects Windows software which is intended for distribution.

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